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Niki Psarias and Alastair Carr with International Alert's Conflict Cafe

“There isn’t a shortage of countries where we can talk about actions that are being taken to build peace." (24:01)

Peacebuilding charity, International Alert's, project Conflict Cafe, has been dubbed "most inspirational pop-up" and serves diners food and knowledge about countries and regions in conflict. People come for the food and leave feeling full in many different ways.

NIKI PSARIAS, a self-employed campaigns and digital communications specialist who works on the project, joins us to dig into their informative and interactive dining experiences in London. She describes how Conflict Cafe serves peace through food, the inspirational idea of the Peace Pledge that diners agree to, and more.

ALASTAIR CARR, long-term volunteer with Conflict Cafe, gives insight on what goes on at Conflict Cafe and the diners' reactions: “[People] are surprised that in countries like, Syria for instance, they associate the decimation of the country that’s happening currently with the decimation of culture and that is simply not the case. The culture is incredibly rich. It lives on for diaspora and for people still in the country (10:47).”

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