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Niki Psarias with Border Kitchen

"Food connects people because it is a leveler. It’s one of our basic needs. It’s a way for us to understand each other as human beings on a basic level. It’s also linked to our identity. We showcase who we are what we are through our food. So if I cook for somebody, I cook because I want them to be fed, I want them to be happy, but I also in some way want them to know me…my tastes, my experiences, my memories.” (18:46)

NIKI PSARIAS, the woman behind the passion pop-up project, Border Kitchen, joins us to discuss peacebuilding through food. Niki uses food to unite and inform in regions that have direct experience with conflict, such as Cyprus. "If I can create a space where, through food, we can begin to understand each other as human beings in a space that has experienced conflict, then that is absolutely my inspiration and why I set up the project" (7:58).

To find out more about Border Kitchen and future events:

Facebook: @TheBorderKitchen


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