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Lisa Thaens from Über den Tellerrand

"Human beings are so diverse, and we want to appreciate and empower the diversity." (4:45)

LISA THAENS, Co-Founder, Communications and Public Relations, and Project Manager for Über den Tellerrand in Berlin, Germany, joins us to explain how her group of friends thought outside the box, or beyond the plate (ger. Über den Tellerrand), to take the refugee crisis in Germany from the abstract to the personal level with human beings at the focus. Lisa believes in the "unified power of good food" and started this community project by simply involving the people they wanted to cook with: "We started to ask the community: what do you like, what is your passion, what is your idea, with the aim of empowering people with their ideas” (4:15). Tune in to hear more about how to #maketheworldabetterplate!

To support Über den Tellerrand, buy one of their bi-lingual cookbooks here, and support Columbus, Ohio-based satellite Better Plate Community @betterplatecolumbus on Facebook! Also, reach out to Über den Tellerrand if you want to start your own project!


Facebook: @ueberdentellerrandkochen

Twitter: @betterplate

Instagram: @ueber_den_tellerrand_kochen

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