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Sumiya Khan and Amelia Masterson from City Seed and Sanctuary Kitchen

"Food is one of the first languages of love from a mother and a child, and it goes beyond that." (29:30)

AMELIA MASTERSON, executive director of City Seed and SUMIYA KHAN kitchen manager of Sanctuary Kitchen explain how their programs are making an impact in the New Haven, Connecticut community. City Seed started their food system develop by overseeing the local farmers markets and expanded in 2016 with their kitchen site, where Sanctuary Kitchen is run. In the Sanctuary Kitchen program, local refugees and immigrants have access to resources to host food courses, supper clubs, and develop culinary businesses. Amelia (18:40) and Sumiya (23:40) also share their professional paths to City Seed.

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To sign up for a class, check out the Sanctuary Kitchen events page or grow a career by providing seed funding for an entrepreneur.

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