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Dawn Weleski from Conflict Kitchen

“This is about us as Americans asking what could potentially be the most ignorant questions that people have on their minds and are afraid to ask. This is about creating a platform where questions are asked and ignorances can be admitted.” (5:10)

DAWN WELESKI, co-founder of Conflict Kitchen and socially engaged artist, shares how she uses food to get strangers together. Conflict Kitchen in Pittsburgh (currently on hiatus) serves public programming, events, and first-person storytelling through changing iterations of countries with which the US government is in conflict in order to give the average American insight into what it's like to live in these countries, encourage curiosity, and help people to ask better questions so that they can be better citizens. We talk collaboration, politics, food and art, essentialization of people and culture, and being a world citizen. As Dawn says, Conflict Kitchen and its effects are a small movement and "a small not something that [happens] without a team." (11:38)

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