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Gissou Nia with Welcoming Refugees

“We all really have a role to play in terms of refugee resettlement and helping our new neighbors.” (2:45)

GISSOU NIA from Refugees Welcome♥ shares her background in coming to understand what it means to flee conflict and persecution and how it led her to innovate a creative way to help the average person play a part in refugee resettlement. Gissou, Strategy Director at social change agency, Purpose, believes that “[A] meal can put people at ease. Food is a uniting factor; it’s something that we all do. You don’t even need to all speak the same language to share a meal together and to share that bond.” (3:55) The dinners are so transformative that the brief series spread by word-of-mouth to an international phenomenon within months. If you want to help break barriers over food, you can host anywhere (good vibes only!) with the toolkit.

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